Dovercourt Road Underpass

The intersection and railway underpass (also known as a “subway”) at Dovercourt Road between Dupont Street and Geary Avenue is one of eight that were created along the Green Line in 1915 with the construction of the railway. Geary Avenue, parts of which had been called Main Street until 1910, had commercial establishments on both sides of the road, but the construction of the hydro corridor and then the railway resulted in the demolition of the buildings that lined the south side of the road.

Before the hydro corridor, railway and underpasses, the neighbourhoods to both sides of the tracks were much more connected. With the significant grade change created to get vehicles to pass under the tracks, there is a physical and visual break to continued movement along the Green Line at these eight moments. At Dovercourt Road, due to heavy traffic and problems with visibility, the intersection north of the underpass is particularly difficult to cross east-west for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

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